Oh My Eyes launched in the spring of 2018 in Stockholm, Sweden by husband and wife duo Jonna and Christopher Hunt. Why sunglasses? Well, the narrative was driven by an accident that turned into an adventure: While out at sea, Christopher dropped his custom-made sunglasses; his sister-in-law hired a diver who tried to retrieve this sunken treasure. This episode made the duo think about sunglasses and why they sometimes mean so much. 

So much so, that it led to almost an obsession to recreate the same feeling for others. The result? An eyewear brand where craftsmanship, premium materials and maximum eye protection are the cornerstones, combined with an urge to protect the eyes of people that need it the most through a One for One initiative.




Oh My Eyes was born out of the idea to create a quality eyewear brand which goes against the fast-fashion cycle. One pair of premium sunglasses will last a lifetime if taken care of. 

The company actively researches the best possible materials, always with sustainability in mind. The acetate is plant-based, made from the natural materials cotton and wood. And the cases are handmade from chrome-free leather in a family-run workshop in the heart of Småland, Sweden, known for its long tradition of craftsmanship. 

Oh My Eyes also encourages you to give life to your old sunglasses, regardless of brand, by joining the One for One mission and donating them to people with albinism in Tanzania. As a thank you, 15% will be deducted off your order. Read more about how to participate here.



Oh My Eyes sunglasses are inspired by Scandinavian modernism; moving away from the typical Scandinavian minimalism in favour of more shapes and colour to eyewear design. First up to interpret the design brief was Italian eyewear designer Marco Galleani who has worked in the eyewear industry since the 1980s. He is renowned for his unique take on eyewear design and has created seven unisex frames. Read more about his take on Scandinavian modernism.

Architecture is one such field the team has looked at for inspiration, and is envisioned in the photo art series Modern Buildings by Mårten Ryner who has captured the rich modernist heritage in the brand’s hometown Stockholm. 

Most importantly, Oh My Eyes is all about lifting your personality through cutting edge design. Meet some of the inspirational characters and their stories in the online journal.